Our Services

We help leaders create clarity so their ideas gain traction

Thought Partnering

We help leaders and their teams think through and present high-stakes communication.

Skill Building

We design and deliver powerful skill-building programs that help you and your teams communicate clearly.


We love coaching individuals and small groups to build real skills that accelerate both your business and your career.

Writing and Editing

We will gladly refine your material and craft powerful pieces of prose and PowerPoint communication.

Our Team

We have varied specialties and skills with one thing in common: deep structured thinking expertise

The material is very helpful. I have contacted the Business School – as I see value in your programme being rolled out to Executive Managers / General Managers to assist with their presentation structure.

Todd, Sydney

The Clarity patterns speed up how you organise your thinking and put it in ways you can address client engagements in a very effective way

Alex, Brisbane

I have found 'CTQ' to an excellent way to lead into the issue and gives reader a clear understanding of the topic / issue upfront. Choosing grouping or deductive storylines enables the author to develop compelling communications.

Adrian, Sydney

I have learned that when I ‘stay on the reservation’ and stick to the ideas that are introduced in the course my messages land, and when I don’t they don’t.

James, Perth

Two years on, Clarity was still the best and most helpful development program I have ever done :)

Charmaine, Sydney

This was fantastic. I haven’t seen anything like this before. This is a real differentiator for your firm. The advice was simple and clear. I often need to forward the advices onto our corporate and the board and a one pager is extremely helpful.

Client of our legal client, Brisbane